The President’s Palace

Well- in many countries it would not be call a Palace or even less a Castle as we call it in Helsinki!

Located by the  South Harbour, next to the Market Square and just behind the Senate Square it is however a most important building for Finns: the President´s Palace.  This is where the Independence Day ( 06 December) reception and dance is held – an event that glues the entire population to their TV´s.

The building is no more a residence but the President´s office.  We know when he is in- by the flag that is then raised on top of the Palace..

The house was built by the wealthy merchant Johan Henrik Heidenstrauch and was completed in 1820. He later sold it to the state (then Russia) and the grand building became the Helsinki residence of the Tsar of Russia.  After Finland´s independence (1917) it became the President´s Palace and our first president, K.J.Stahlberg moved in two years later,  1919.


On February 01, 2016 I had the rare chance to visit this serene and beautiful building- guided by the Chief of Staff of the President!

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