Helsinki and Jugend and the Guardian

It comes as a surprise to many visitors that Helsinki is so rich in Jugend (or Art Nouveau) architecture.  It is my favourite style and ever since seeing Antonio Gaudi´s buildings in Barcelona I have been a great admirer of Jugend.  We are all proud to announce that The Guardian has chosen to include Helsinki on its list of Jugend cities in Europe:

” When art nouveau ideas began to be incorporated into Nordic architecture, Finland was planning its independence from Russia. This sense of anticipated liberation led to a strong desire to include authentic Finnish traditions and rural mythology in a national romantic style. Art nouveau quickly became the country’s architectural redeemer and there are still around 600 buildings in Helsinki, many built from solid granite. The Wilkman House, Pohjola insurance building and the stock exchange all display the characteristic rough-hewn facades combined with Finnish flora and fauna. The railway station, Helsingin päärautatiesema, designed in 1909 and with two pairs of grim-faced statues lighting up the street outside, is the most celebrated building in the city. Visit the Aschan Café Jugend, constructed as a banking hall in 1904, for live music and to gaze at the tree murals over a fish soup.”

Here is the link to the article:


I do walking tours with Jugend as tema in Helsinki and they are very popular especially among my Finnish clients.  Eira is a great area to explore, and so are  Katajanokka and Kruunuhaka, too

I will soon visit another city on the list, Riga and am already excited to visit the Art Nouveau Museum: